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This form is ONLY for law enforcement agency personnel. If you are not a law enforcement officer, attorney or court personnel please use this link instead. Do not impersonate a law enforcement official. Impersonating a police officer is a felony and your IP address will be captured and you will be reported to your local police department.

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This form is ONLY for official legal business. This form's use is reserved exclusively for court personnel or attorneys that need to contact A4A Networks Inc. in regard to subpoenas or the civil service process.

Adam4Adam works with law enforcement to the extent required by law and where appropriate to ensure the safety of Adam4Adam members. We have developed a procedure for requesting information to aid in their investigations. At the same time, we take the privacy of our members very seriously, and respect the balance between law enforcement's need for information and the rights of our members. We ensure that applicable laws and their limitations on access to any Adam4Adam member data are respected and enforced.